Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beyonce and Jay On Yet Another Vacation

I swear, every time I see photos of these 2 fab people, they're always on vacation. This time Jay-Z and Beyonce are Cannes, France after yachting along the coast of Italy and France. Beyonce, Jay-Z, cousin Angie, Jay's BFF Ty Ty and his kids, and a few other family friends were all spotted relaxing aboard the yacht in Monaco yesterday, and docking in Cannes today. Must be nice. Bey is looking super cute these day.
P.s. wanna know how much their yacht costs? $377,000 a week. Called Altitude, it comes with a gym, jacuzzi, every watersport, jet ski, snorkel gear you can think of, plus sleeping space for 12 people, and a crew of 14 to wait on you hand and foot. Damn.

1 comment:

  1. after all the hard they been putting in (both of them) they deserve a vacay around the world!and to be able to share that with family/friends...go head!
    if i had that kind of money i would the same!