Monday, August 30, 2010

Trey Songz: Can't Be Friends

Three things before I get into talking about the actual video. 1) I think this is the first time Trey Songz hasn't dropped a preview video. 2) Didn't he JUST release his video for "Bottoms Up" like yesterday? 3) Is anyone NOT using Anthony Mandler to direct their videos? Geeze. I know there's other directors out there.
Anyway, in true Anthony Mandler fashion, he has Trey Songz going crazy in the video. Surprise surprise. All of Anthony Mandler's videos seem to have some dark element and it's getting a tad bit old. Anyways, we see Trey act crazy, smack and throw chairs, you know, what people usually do when a jump off cuts em off. Oh yea, and there's a lot of jumping as well. *blank stare*