Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bruno Mars Loves That White White

Wow, bathroom attendants are really snitching on people these days. Bruno Mars was enjoying a little of that white girl in the bathroom of a Las Vegas hotel and the next thing he knew he was being arrested. First and foremost can I say...noooooo not you too Bruno! You were so sweet and innocent on that Travis McCoy song and the BOB track had girls all over the world swooning! Why!?!?! I demand to know.
Anywho, now that that's out of the way. TMZ obtained the police report from the incident, in which LVMPD officials state a bathroom attendant at the Hard Rock Hotel informed security "there was a man in the bathroom stall with possibly a man using drugs." According to the report, the attendant went on to say he could "see a male in a striped red shirt with a baggy of white powder substance."
Law enforcement officers made their move -- cops say they asked Bruno to "give over whatever narcotics he had." According to the report, Bruno then "pulled out a white powder substance, which was consistent with cocaine, from his left-front jeans pocket." Cops say Bruno --aka Peter Hernandez-- "admitted he did a foolish thing and has never used drugs before."
The report shows ... once the substance "came back positive for cocaine," Bruno was shipped off to the Clark County Detention Center and booked for possession of narcotics.
*deep sigh*


  1. wat a ''sigh'' 4 sure l mean wat was he thikin fuck him l mean lknw he knwe wat he did was wrong wat if he thought of it in the first tym he took them SHAME HIM infact his better off in jail ASSHOLE

  2. its ok people make bad choices in life if u can own up to them and change them that makes u a better person dont let people bring u down i still belive u are a great person so keep it up k luv lots

  3. Miss u bruno! I'll come get u! MAYBE????! :(

  4. i cant believe u took drugs and i loved u but i dont anymore cause i dont like ppl who take drugs

  5. Give him a break u act like u guys never did 1 stupid thing everybody makes mistakes and he just did 1 I bet he feels really bad about wat he did but still don't bring him down more ,luv u Bruno or PeterXD!!!!! & try to get over this.

  6. I love Bruno Mars and I see him as one of my inspirations, I get what he did wasn't the best choice but he owned up to it and he fixed it. for that is something not everybody does.