Friday, September 25, 2009

Support Canadian Talent: Secrets of a Black Boy

Secrets of a Black Boy is a play written by Darren Anthony (brother of playwright and da Kink in my Hair actress, Trey Anthony). It is based in Regent Park, the first housing project built in Canada, which is currently being torn down. The play premiers tonight. If you live in Toronto, support Canadian talent by going to check it out. Judging by the trailer is will be a deep interpretation of black men's lives in Canada's biggest metropolitan city.


  1. Looks very, very powerful. Except I don't agree with the line that says "to let the white folks in". I've lived in Regent and there's been plenty of white people who have lived there.

  2. agree with the comment above, gotta be very careful of language, as it my offend people who grew up in regent park or anyone in general