Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kelis Wants Her Papers ASAP

Kelis is taking a page from Usher's book and demanding her papers...divorce papers that is. She filed papers with a judge recently demanding that the divorce with Nas be sped up and the additional details (custody of their child, financial info, etc) be worked out later. Here's how TMZ reported it:
According to documents filed last week, Kelis said in a declaration, "... it would be in the best interest of both of us if our marital status is terminated as soon as possible."

Because she fears that the legal proceedings could take years to figure out, Kelis has requested that the judge immediately terminate their marriage -- and wait until a later time to resolve "all other issues."

As for the odds that the two will rekindle their romance -- Kelis stated, "I believe their is no possibility of reconciliation with [Nas]."

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  1. what the hell happened to these two i am shocked and appalled by them. and i actually liked them too. *pouts*