Tuesday, April 27, 2010

T.I. Welcomed Home

T.I., Tiny and her breasts were out and about for his welcome back shindig at...you guessed it Guys and Dolls (you know you throw a good party when a blog devotes three separate blog posts to it). Here's some of the party details: T.I. apparently tipped his glass to incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne, while Jamie Foxx toasted T.I. and wished him a bright future. Others on hand to welcome T.I. back included Lil' Kim, Rick Ross and Amber Rose, who arrived without Kanye West.
Of course T.I. addressed the crowd, saying: "I'm so happy to be with all of you tonight. "And I cannot thank you enough for being here."

Before the big par-tay, T.I. and Tiny got their shop on Rodeo Drive. T.I. sipped champagne while they shopped. Looks like these two are inseparable these days. Cute.

Photos: Photo Agency


  1. LMAO at "Tiny, T.I. and her breasts" priceless

  2. if my man was in jail for a year i would be at his side AT ALL TIMES AS WELL...they miss each other

    gosh love seein ppl in love together being ... in love :)<3