Monday, May 24, 2010

Chris Brown ft. Tyga & McCall: Deuces

If you haven't heard, Tyga of Young Money and Chris Brown collaborated on a mixtape together and this is the first single off that project. The song is called "Deuces", which I guess many people wish Chris Rock would throw up and bow out of the industry. Either way, Chris Brown sings his heart out to a girl that's doing him wrong and looks kinda menacing, which I'm not sure is a great idea at this point. Chris also krumps in the video, complete with high kicks and punches. Again, not the best idea. Oh and did I mention that McCall (whoever he is) actually mentions domestic violence in his verse?? Ugh, dude, did no one tell you who else was gonna be on the track? I have no choice but to deem this video a fail.

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  1. correction my brothah this song is of the chain chris is back in full affect hes back like T.I. this is fire