Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rihanna: Rockstar 101

RiRi has released her latest video for the single "Rockstar 101" and this one is gonna have people talking. Of course, it's a dark, dark video directed by Melina Matsouka, who also worked on her music video for "Hard" and "Rude Boy". Blurred images of guns, cinematography and an outfit that's reminiscent of demonic possession, spikes on RiRi's head are just some of the reasons people will continue to speculate about her Illuminati affiliations. RiRi even channels iconic guitarist Slash!


  1. SMH. She's a satanist for sure. I'm sickened by this display.

  2. She's such a puppet. She's lost whatever spirituality she may have had coming from the West Indies. They do not tolerate these types of evil symbolisms...

    This is supposed to be "cool"?

  3. to me most of the youth these days dont know what hip hop, rnb, soul music general stand for but anyway she fooling kids....all that for the love of money....ez stay wise