Monday, August 23, 2010

Brandy Sued by Canadian

R&B singer Brandy is being sued by a Canadian DJ named Marc Mysterio who claims she didn't deliver on a promise to write and sing "32 bars of music" on his track. He says Brandy was paid $10,000 for the song. Although Marc estimates that he lost out on $25,000 because of Brandy's inaction, he's come up with a $6-million lawsuit. *scratches head*. The lawsuit was filed on Friday in LA's Superior Court.
I'm not sure how homeboy plans to prove that he deserves 6 milli over this.


  1. there's no way he'll get that amount

  2. i agree. how did he come up with such a high amount?

  3. aim big huh?!? watch he gets nada!