Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fashion Forward or Fashion Fail: Ciara

Ciara and a host of other celebs came out for the Power Live concert in NYC this weekend. Before changing into her stage outfits, Ciara rocked this lil getup. It consisted of a pleated camo skirt, with a tucked in graphic tee and some knee high-open toe boots from Alexnder Wang. Im not feeling the skirt at all. The boots are aight and the tee is cute. Having said all that, what do ya'll think: forward or fail?


  1. i think its a bit of forward (boots and tee) and fail (skirt)

  2. seperate they would look cute...but ATLiens have a different sense of fashion man LOL! so others may not appreciate but people from ATL may think this is HOT SHIT!

    i still believe this is a fail!