Friday, August 6, 2010

Kanye West: Power

The much anticipated video from Kayne West debuted yesterday on MTV. The video is for his first single "Power" and I think I'm just gonna refrain for giving my opinion on this one. I'd have to dissect it second by second and I'll leave that to the conspiracy theorists. Here's what the video's creator had to say about it:
“It starts with a very tight shot introducing him that’s kind of a reinvention of a neoclassical painting. It pulls back from the shot, without any cuts, and we reveal the video canvas, populated by all these characters who are depicted in various stages of undress and decadence. The iconography comes from Roman iconography, Renaissance iconography, and it connects to the sexuality of the music as well. As we reveal the setting for it, there’s a feeling of a moment of transition for him. A fall from grace, if you will. It visualizes power, and him as the icon as power, and then at the end of the piece it challenges the power that I set up at the beginning. It’s an elliptical piece of storytelling.

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