Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wyclef Owes the IRS $2.1-million

Yesterday we told you about authorities raiding the home of rapper Young Buck in regards to a $300,000-tax bill. Well, he isn't the only one the IRS is coming after. Wycelf Jean, who is running for Haiti's presidential role, owes the IRS more than $2.1-million. Back in 2007, a tax lien was filed against Clef for $792,269. Last July, another lien was filed for $599,167 and this past may the IRS filed a $724,332 tax lien against him.

According to The Smoking Gun, Jean used his charitable foundation to pay himself and a business partner more than $410,000 for rent, production services. And also to pay Wyclef to perform at a benefit concert. He also paid his cousin, Jerry Deuplessis, and himself $65,000 for space at a Manhattan recording studio that they both own. *blank stare*

Wyclef announced last night that he will resign his leadership role from YĆ©le Haiti organization, effective immediately. He’s scheduled to formally announce on CNN’s “Larry King Live” his intentions of running for president. Derek Q. Johnson, best known for heading up the revitalization of Harlem’s famed Apollo Theater, will assume the role of CEO to continue the organization’s strong momentum during the transition.

*le sigh* How are you running to be president of country but can't even handle your personal finances? Get it together Wycelf! You have a lot of people riding for you.


  1. good point, hows he expect to run a whole country and cant even run his bank account

  2. i believe wyclef will do something good for haiti i believe he luv the people

  3. this is def you gonna help others when you can't even help urself?!?!