Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nahla's Big London Adventure

Nahla Aubrey in all her cutness was spotted on a few rainy UK adventures over the past couple days. Halle, Nahla's dad Gabriel and the little girl were all there together. Halle and Gabe are doing a great job of NOT letting their personal relationship interfere with how they are raising their daughter. Nicely done. Warring couples take notes.


  1. Do I see a Pamper sticking out the little girl's pants? How old is this child? Step it up Halle

  2. ^^^the child is only 2...and i can say as a mom even if your child is on the road of potty training when goin on outings i will put my child in a diaper (same age as Nahla)just in case no washrooms are around!! #don'tJudge!!!!

    Halle and Gabriel are the my inspiration!!! no matter what they put that child first! GOOD FOR THEM!!!!! <3