Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nicki Minaj Agrees with Lauryn Hill Comparison

I love Nicki Minaj's crazy ass. From the way she's branded herself, to the lyrics, to the image, to the versatile flow. However, comparing yourself to LAURYN HILL? She maaaaay just be reaching. You see, Irv Gotti, the former head of Murder Inc. said Nicki's talents are similar to that of Lauryn as they both can sing and rap. Here's what Nicki had to say:
“Irv has been privy to hear things that I've done that the world hasn't heard. Based on the music I have out now, that sounds like an absurd comment, but when 'Pink Friday' comes out, you will completely understand why Irv made that comparison."

Girrrrrrl, them are so serious words! I WILL be going in if it's not anywhere near true.