Monday, September 13, 2010

Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift

We ALL know that at last year's VMAs, Kanye West snatched the mic from Taylor Swift as she was accepting her award for video of the year. Well, after a year of jokes and laughs and analysis, the two once again appeared at the awards....

Taylor Swift performed first and lamented over having her mic snatched. My Twitter homie Jae said it best: "She wrote a song about being...interrupted. Girl it was never that serious." In the song Taylor talks about Kanye being 32 and still maturing. I was kinda embarrassed watching this for the simple fact that the poor little girl act is tired.

Kanye closed the song by premiering his song "Runaway" with Pusha-T of the Clipse. Needless to say, he shut it down. From mixing live to the lyrics where he toasted the assholes, douche bags and jerkoff's of the world, it was brilliant. Kanye for president. LoL.

The verdict? Kanye 2 - Taylor 0. (He gets two for 1) Making her a household name and 2) being an MVA show-stopper)