Friday, May 7, 2010

Esso: The Anti-Socialite Mixtape

Harlem rapper and good friend of CreamWorld magazine, Esso, has dropped his latest project "The Anti-Socialite". You may remember Esso from his "Off The Wall" mixtape, an ode of sorts to MJ that dropped last summer with "View From The Top" as its most successful single. Anyways, the new mixtape is sort of a day in the life of Esso as he wakes up, the stresses he goes through, the thoughts he has. It also represents a new era for NYC.
Click here to download

Esso also released a cool commercial, trailer typa deal before the mixtape came out. It's called "The Anti-Socialite's Guide to New York" and was directed by Puma. The Esso-narrated short takes you through some of his favourite spots and if you've ever been to NYC, you will wanna go back after you see this. You've been warned.

The Anti-Socialites Guide to New York from stupid GENIUS on Vimeo.


  1. I hear about this cat before. He's sick still. Very different from other ppl comin outta NYC

  2. I'm glad you guys posted this. I'm excited to hear new music outta New York