Friday, May 7, 2010

Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Scandal

You may remember Kendra Wilkinson from the reality show "Girls Next Door" in which she starred with fellow girlsfriends of Hugh Hefner. Kendra went on to have her own show and marry football player Hank Baskett, by whom she now has a child. Anywho, fast-forward to present day where Kendra is involved in a sex tape scandal. According to documents obtained by, Kendra secretly planned to shop a sex tape, and now the site says its discovered that there was more than one tape made by the reality TV star. Furthermore, they discovered that she consulted a top Los Angele law firm and set up a company to sell the tape, a company called Home Run Productions LLC. And the documents referenced the explicit video material in plural terms, confirming that more than one tape was created. Multiple references in the document refer to “the Tapes.”
Also, an insider who has watched the tape tells OK! magazine that there is no doubt that it’s Kendra in the video. “I mean, I just was shocked to see a Kendra Wilkinson sex tape, but it was obvious and clear to me that it was in fact her,” the source tells OK! exclusively. The insider tells OK! the video is far from innocent, explaining, “This tape is sexually explicit. It’s hot and she’s hot. It’s going to be a massive seller.”