Friday, May 7, 2010

Jeff Chery: The Pair

This one's for all the sneaker-heads! Have you ever seen a pair of sneakers and it felt like you were already on a first name basis after one glace at them in the display window? It may have been the latest Nikes, Jordans, Supras, or maybe those fly Gucci and Marc Jacobs high-tops. The brand doesn’t matter, but kicks definitely speak a universal language that only shoe fanatics can understand.
That's why rapper Jeff Chery (you may remember him from our previous blog posts on his mix-album release and previous singles) has released a track called "The Pair" to pay ode. The song has a real old skool vibe that's refreshing. You’ll be able to find this record in the near future on a mix-tape collaboration wit my hommie K.Sparks.
Listen to and download the track here.

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