Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello Handsome...And The Dirty Money Girls

Dawn Richard and Kaleena of Dirty Money recently posed up with Haitian model Marvin Bienaim during a recent shoot in L.A. Gotta say, I hardly noticed the 2 ladies cause I was too busy staring at this beautiful specimen. The Haitian model is actually an earthquake survivor. After hearing his story, Diddy is hiring him as a Sean John model! It's nice to see something positive come out of something so tragic. Here's the story:
Marvin was actually trapped under the rubble for four days until he was found by rescuers. Sadly, Marvin lost a few of his close family members that died from the heavy impacts. Weeks after recovery, Marvin flew back to the states (Miami, Florida) where he re-united with his other family members. During his journey back, Marvin Bienaime met with Diddy for a one on one interview on what happened during Haiti’s earthquake. From there he was offered a job as a Sean John model.

Here's some more photos of Marvin...yummy yum yum