Friday, May 21, 2010

Lil Wayne Laughs at Toya's Rap Attempt

Not sure if ya'll remember but back at the end of April we told ya'll that Antonia "Toya" Carter (aka Lil Wayne's ex wife) was part of a Bedrock Remix featuring other ATL ladies, on which she rapped. Well, in a recent interview Toya revealed that she plans to now put out an original song.
“I’ma try it and test it out. [A mixtape or album] depends on how this one goes by myself,” says Toya. “I always had a little urge to rap, but never really wanted to because sometimes it doesn’t come off lady like. Then of course Wayne is a rapper so I thought people would be like, ‘Oh she’s trying to rap because Wayne rap.’ So I was like let me just play around with something.”

So what was Wayne's reaction upon hearing that the mother of his first child rapped over his groups track?
“[Wayne] laughed at me [on the "BedRock remix"]. That’s what men do. They’re never going to tell you you’re good or to keep going with it. You know their slick side.”

Ugh, you sure about that Toya? I mean, you are talking about the same person that totally endorsed Nicki Minaj....hmmm.

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