Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chippy D's Dad Won't Talk To Her

Montana Fishburne, who is the daughter of actor Laurence Fishburne, recently decided to embark on a porn career. She's received quite a bit of attention for her decision especially considering that she's 18 and the daughter of a well-known actor. The only person not giving her any attention is her father. TMZ reports that Montana told media yesterday that she spoke to her father for the first time since all the porn hoopla.
According to Montana, her dad said, "I'm not going to speak with you 'till you turn your life around." Laurence was referring to his daughter joining the ranks of Vivid Entertainment as a porn star. Montana says Laurence added, "You embarrassed me." And that he had this parting shot: "You used your last name. No one uses their real name in porn."
Do you think this is a bad move? Should Laurence have tried to stage an intervention? Or would you have done the same?