Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wyclef Goes into Hiding

Apparently Wyclef Jean has gone into "hiding". He claims to have received death threats telling him to get out of the country, which has caused him to 'hide' with his family in a secret location in Haiti. Odd. Usually politicians go into hiding AFTER a coup d'etat, NOT before they're elected.
It's still uncertain if Wycelf meets eligibility requirements to run for the Haitian presidency. His eligibility was under question after claims that he has not lived in Haiti for five consecutive years before the election, a mandate in the nation's Constitution. But a lawyer for the artist says he's been paying taxes in Haiti for the last 5 years, and also owns a tv station there, which should make him qualify. The decisions were supposed to be made yesterday, but have now been extended till Friday. More than thirty people have filed to run for presidency, including Wyclef's uncle, and many of them are under review.

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