Thursday, August 5, 2010

Leo DiCaprio To Face Slasher in Court

TMZ has learned that Leonadro DiCaprio is willing to face, in court, the woman who is accused of slashing his face. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Leo is being "extremely cooperative" with prosecutors on the case. According to the sources, Leo has told authorities that he will take the stand and testify against Wilson, if necessary.
This stems from an incident in 2005 where Wilson, who is 40 years old, allegedly slashed DiCaprio's face with a class during a party in the Hollywood Hills. Wilson faces one charge of assault with a deadly weapon after she apparently caused 17 stitches worth of damage.
In an odd twist, Wilson previously fled to Canada and had to be extradited to the States. If convicted, she faces up to four years behind bars. In an even odder twist, a year after the DiCaprio incident, Wilson smashed a glass bottle over her ex-boyfriend's head and was convicted for that. SMH.


  1. smashy smashy, slashy slashy! crazy lady.

  2. holy shit. i never even heard bout this