Monday, May 31, 2010

Uncle Luke's Daughter Exposes Him?

He's known for his sexual lyrics and being part of the 2 Live Crew. He's even faced scrutiny and court appearances for lewd language and alleged nature of 2 Live Crew. But, according to his daughter Lacresha Campbell, he's also a wife beater. The young lady, who appeared on Luke's Parental Advisory show, now claims that her father brutally beat her mother. I dunno about ya'll, but she seems just a little bit too scripted and too happy...I guess she really wants her 15 minutes of fame.


  1. Note to you, when "exposing" someone you might want to look a bit more serious and NOT plug your show in the same video. She looks all too happy to be blastin her father. If it true, he deserves to be blasted but this shit seems mad fake.

  2. yo Luke is a pimp that doesnt surprise me all though im not down with it