Thursday, June 3, 2010

Elin Wants It All!

Well, well, well the divorce proceedings between Elin and Tiger keep getting more serious. Aside from wanting $750-million from Tiger, Elin is also going for full custody of their two children. Here's go is reporting it:
While the beautiful blonde still wants Tiger to be a big part of their children’s lives, she had decided not to agree to joint custody. It’s a significant behind-the-scenes development and one that could cause their quiet dissatisfaction with each other to turn into a loud public war.
Elin and Tiger live separate lives in separate houses, approximately a mile apart. Despite their close physical proximity they are worlds apart and barely speak to each other any more, sources told “They share the children,” one source told “But the nannies drive the kids from house to house. Elin used to go to Tiger’s house but doesn’t anymore. And she has her people communicate with him so she doesn’t have to.”
The Swedish beauty recently took their two children to Sweden, sparking rumors that she may want to move back to her home country with the children. At the time, Elin and Tiger had informally agreed to a joint custody agreement. Both Tiger and Elin have hired divorce lawyers but not filed papers. She is seeking a $750 million settlement from Tiger and one source close to the case says she will get it.
“But the real fight is going to be over the children,” the source says. “Tiger is not going to give up those kids without a fight.”

SMH..was it worth it, Tiger?

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  1. wow! no wonder he cheated that girl was out for his money