Friday, June 4, 2010

Breezy & Bow Wow Crash Drake's Party?

If the NY Post got its story right then Bow Wow and Chris Brown fall further down the respect ladder than before. According to the NY Post the who came, uninvited, to Drake's listening party on Wed and crashed the event:
Chris Brown and rapper Bow Wow were unwelcome Wednesday night. First, the duo crashed the listening party to which they weren't invited for Drake's new album at MSR studios hosted by the Cash Money crew. Next, Brown and Bow Wow popped up at Meatpacking club SL -- but were turned away by security. "They showed up with a huge entourage all trying to get in, but they were totally denied at the door," a spy tells Page Six. The rejected posse finally found refuge at Greenhouse, where they partied with Brandy and her brother Ray J into the wee hours.

Blank stare, side eye and a dash of SMH.


  1. A picture is worth a thousand words and this one is the perfect description for this post. SMH and a double dash of side eye and blank stare. Kick rocks assholes

  2. Why am I embarrassed for em right now? Worry about your careers instead of crashing successful people's parties you dumb asses. JUNE 15 JUNE 15 JUNE 15 JUNE 15

  3. hmm I read that Birdman invited Bow Wow to Drake's party.

    Drake is cool with Bow Wow and Chris Brown so I'm sure he was personally okay with them being there but perhaps Bow wow had to many people and security was doing the most due to Hip hop honors crowd. I've seen Bow Wow out and about and he doesn't have more then 3 people with him though. Fishy story

  4. personally i think their both about to drop so their in need of attention lol