Friday, June 4, 2010

Hip-Hop Honors: The Fellas

The Dirty South fellas were in full attendance at VH1's Hip-Hop honors last night in NYC. However, a few important Dirty South faces were visibly missing. Ludacris, Plies, Jezzy all had prior commitments. But the show must go on.
A few observations about the photos below: 1) How the hell Mystikal been outta jail FIVE months and already knocked someone up? 2) See how Juvenile is holding out his hands? That's his "What? I'm innocent! I didn't bite Drake's album cover" look. If you haven't heard, Juvenile's new album cover looks a lil too similar to "Thank Me Later". 3) That last guy, boys and girls under 20 is Bone Crusher. Google it.

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